Our Video Services...

Home Movie Film Transfer

Is your familyís old home movie film still sitting in a shoebox in the attic and deteriorating? We can transfer it to DVD and other digital formats so you can relive those great memories, share them with family and friends, and preserve them for generations to come! We use state-of-the-art equipment to give you the best quality transfer - 16mm, 8mm and Super-8, silent or sound.

Home Movie and Film Transfer
Video Tape Transfer

Technology is ever changing, and video comes in many different formats. We can transfer your video from virtually any format to DVD and other digital formats.                      Is your video on VHS, or camcorder cassettes like VHS-C, Hi-8, MiniDV, or even MiniDVD? No problem, we can help you!

Video Transfer
DVD and CD Duplication

Whether you are a proud parent and want to make a few copies for family, or a large corporation needing thousands of copies of a CD or DVD complete with custom printing and packaging, we can handle it!          We use the latest technology and best materials to ensure that your project is a success.

Video and DVD Duplication
Audio Services

Need audio converted from tape to CD or MP3? Or audio pulled from video? Is the audio bad and it contains some noise that needs to be removed? We provide professional audio recording, mixing and CD duplication services.

CD and Audio Services
Video Production

Are you trying to capture an event? Make a company promo or training video? We will be involved wherever you need us, from concept to delivery.                              We use professional cameras, microphones and lighting equipment to make sure your production looks and sounds great.

Photo Montages

Do you simply want to preserve your slides and photos? Or would you like to pay tribute to a loved one on a special occasion?                                                                 We know how to make your project special, and it is a great idea for weddings, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries - show it at the party and give it as a gift!

Photo and Slide Montages
Video Editing

In todayís media-centric society, editing is what can really make or break a project. If it is not done well, your viewers wonít be impressed. We want your message to be heard and your audience inspired.

DVD Authoring

Want the cool DVD menus you see in the movies you buy from the store? Not a problem. There is almost no limit to what we can do. Personalize a DVD menu for your project.

DVD Authoring
Scholarship Videos

Is your child talented in sports, music, or drama and you think they might be able to qualify for a college scholarship? We can help make your child shine.

Scholarship Videos
Legal Video Services

Are you an attorney and need video or audio copied? Do you need video slowed down, zoomed in, or enhanced? Is the audio hard to hear and you need the noise reduced? Or do you need to record or edit something, like a deposition? We offer professional video and audio services with a quick turn around. Video clips can also be turned into pictures.

Legal Video Services
Documentary Style Videos

Do you want to tell a story about a person, company, school, or organization? Are you trying to highlight the achievements of an individual?

Documentary Style Videos
PowerPoint Conversion

Have you experienced the pain of moving a PowerPoint presentation from one computer to another and found the audio is out of sync? Do you wish you didnít have to have a computer to view it? We can convert your PowerPoint presentation to a video file or even make it a DVD, or help you put it on the web.

PowerPoint Conversion
Video for the Web

Do you have a video that you need to put on your website? We can assist you in preparing your video for viewing online or for download. We can even give you the same video in multiple formats for different uses.

Internet Video
Additional Video Services

Have an odd request? Need to send your video overseas and need a format conversion? Do you have documents, photos, slides you want to digitized and preserved? With our equipment and training we can handle almost any request.

Other Video Services